Donovan Group's foundations are built on experience and innovation. Through custom-built software and technology, Donovan Group has developed unique manufacturing processes that are making steel buildings stronger and more cost-effective than ever before.



uTecture is a fully integrated architectural design platform which empowers users to design, interact and price a fully engineering-compliant structure, live on the web. Once the design is finalised, the same model is used to automatically create council documentation and manufacturing/construction files.

The software system works together seamlessly with our bespoke building system which includes patented structural elements. Both the commercial and residential systems have been designed to minimise labour input during the manufacture and construction phase.

The Coresteel Buildings system is the commercial user interface used by 24 franchise groups throughout New Zealand. Coresteel allows users to design, visualise and price commercial buildings in real time

Donovan Group has been developing a residential user interface and unique structural system for the last three years. The system is due to be launched in late 2017, via a further national franchise network of 40 distributors, branded Bloom – Creator Homes. Bloom will allow consumers to directly design and visualise, their dream home online in real time.

Tapered Box Beam

Tapered Box Beam

The Tapered Box Beam system was commercially released in 2014 following a joint venture between Donovan Group and New Zealand Steel, during which the Tapered Box Beam was developed for the New Zealand and Australian structural steel/universal beam markets.

Since 2014 the rate of Tapered Box Beam projects sold via the Coresteel Buildings distribution channel, has taken off.

The popularity of the beam comes down to its key points of difference:

  • Tapered design utilises only the amount of steel required, which reduces the weight/cost without affecting structural integrity
  • Ability to span huge distances – to date the largest span has been 75m
  • Absence of knee and apex braces
  • Bird-resistant qualities.

The Tapered Box Beam has been independently checked and verified by HERA (Heavy Engineering Research Association).  HERA is recognised in both New Zealand and abroad as a leading authority in the design of steel structures.

View examples of Tapered Box Beam projects.

Find out more about the Tapered Box Beam’s points of difference in this structural diagram.

Bracketless Portal System

Bracketless Portal System

The Bracketless Portal System was designed and patented by Donovan Group in 2005, and has been a driving force in the success of the Coresteel Buildings brand.

The unique system is constructed using cold formed steel sections and manufactured by Donovan Group in New Zealand.

The Bracketless Portal System offers a more cost-effective option to hot formed steel or wooden products for nearly every build, allowing sections to be simply bolted together, and drastically reducing construction time.

The system allows for buildings of virtually any size, without compromising structural integrity and also ensures better use of raw materials and improved manufacturing and erection time, saving time and money.

View the interactive diagram on the Coresteel Buildings website.

Modnboard / Modnpanel

Modnboard / Modnpanel

Modnboard and the subsequent Modnpanel system were developed over the past two years by Donovan Group and Modern Building Product. The unique, patented Modnpanel prefabricated wall system consists of two Modnboard sheets encasing a layer of insulation.

The system is eco-friendly, energy-efficient and fire resistant, making it a sustainable building option which provides a safer living environment than any other in the market.

Modnpanel features include:

  • Non-combustible, zero flame and smoke spread, 180/240 rated
  • All structural elements are made from natural resources, which are bio-degradable, with no toxins or contaminants.
  • Very environmentally friendly to produce (all natural minerals and resources)
  • No hazardous materials used* – Calcium silica free, formaldehyde free, asbestos free *(Contains fibreglass mesh for reinforcing)
  • Mould and insect proof – Inert, inedible, non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Delivered to site ready to infill bays. Penetrations for windows and doors are simply cut out to plan, using a sabre saw or skill saw.


The DonoBrace system was recently launched via Modern Building Product and is designed to be used as a roof and wall bracing in lightweight building structures, to resist lateral wind and earthquake loads.



The ThermaTuff system incorporates Donovan Group's proprietary pre-engineered building system with our patented structural insulated panel system - Modnpanel.

The flexibility of the system gives consumers the ability to custom-design their project, while having the assurance of an energy-efficient, affordable, eco-friendly and fireproof building that can be erected in record time.

Galvanised columns and coldform steel rafters provided a strong vermin-resistant frame. The fully bolted, part-marked system is based on commercial technology which means erection is fast and simple. Once the frame is in place, the ModnPanel infill panels are locked into place using our bespoke eaves girt system.The system is completely pre-manufactured with all the necessary parts arriving on site as a kitset.

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