Donovan Group is the only company in New Zealand to manage the entire steel building process, from design and engineering, through to manufacture and construction.


Coresteel franchises are able to utilise Donovan Group’s uniquely designed point-of-sale software to quickly and accurately price and design a wide range of buildings for clients.

The Coresteel network is also supported by Donovan Group’s custom-built Design Station software, which transitions the client’s vision and point-of-sale software designs into full pre-engineered design plans, offering complete structural steel detailing and manufacturing requirements, ready for production. Architectural plans can also be integrated into any Coresteel building, with Donovan Group’s system fully adaptable to virtually any building.

All Coresteel buildings feature Donovan Group’s Bracketless Portal System and/or Tapered Box Beam technology, including embedded purlins and girts (the wall and roof supports) between portal frames and seamless connections, to create clean, tidy structural lines both inside and out. Donovan Group’s technology delivers buildings that are strong, spacious and long-lasting.


Donovan Group Manufacturing ensures all Coresteel buildings are fully engineered to the highest of engineering standards.

The portal frame construction uses no external brackets as the connections are manufactured as part of the column and rafter, with the members simply bolted together to form the portal frame.

The purlins, girts and windposts are connected using a total of six different brackets to form the entire building structure, with all connections standardised to limit tools changes and product requirements on site. This simplicity of design results in a number of benefits including better raw material utilisation, and improved manufacturing, transport and erection times.


Donovan Group Manufacturing specialises in a range of innovative steel manufacturing processes to support the New Zealand construction industry.

Coresteel produces all steel modular components in its New Zealand manufacturing plant.

The Bracketless Portal System uses large scale steel sections that are roll formed from flat steel coils, while the Tapered Box Beam framing elements are fabricated from steel plate, and manufactured by folding two halves and welding them together to form a box.

Each building structure ordered through Coresteel is custom-produced by Donovan Group Manufacturing, and combined with fasteners before being dispatched. This eliminates stock and material handling, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiencies for customers.


Through its distribution network Coresteel, Donovan Group has a strong market reach right across New Zealand, as well as the extensive experience of its franchisees.

Donovan Group’s innovative technology and manufacturing processes allow the Coresteel network to offer a completely new product offering to their valued clients.

With the Donovan Group managing projects from design and engineering through to construction, this process is often much faster and smoother than clients expect. The Coresteel network work closely with clients throughout the building process, project managing work on site and keeping clients well informed of progress.

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