Donovan Group's foundations are built on experience and innovation. Through custom-built software and technology, Donovan Group has developed unique manufacturing processes that are making steel buildings stronger and more cost-effective than ever before.

Bracketless Portal System

Our uniquely patented system is constructed using cold formed steel sections and manufactured right here in New Zealand.

The system was designed and patented in 2005, following extensive research and experience in the New Zealand and Australian markets.

The Bracketless Portal System offers a more cost-effective option to hot formed steel or wooden products for nearly every build, allowing sections to be simply bolted together, drastically reducing construction time without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

This exclusive system is similar to that which has been used extensively in the industrial market over a number of years, however redesigned for simplicity, efficiency and appeal.

The system allows for buildings of virtually any size, without compromising structural integrity and also ensures better use of raw materials and improved manufacturing and erection time, saving time and money. View the interactive diagram on the Coresteel Buildings website.

Design Software

Uniquely designed point-of-sale software supports Donovan Group’s distribution network to quickly and accurately price and design a wide range of buildings, virtually on the spot.

The network is supported by Donovan Group’s custom-built Design Station software, where buildings are designed and then broken down into individual components, before being converted to cut files, ready to send to the factory for production. And because New Zealand’s engineering compliance standards have been integrated into the software, all designs are pre-engineered, offering complete structural steel detailing and manufacturing requirements.

The company has been building IP in the software for the last four years, combining knowledge and experience from hundreds of builds across New Zealand, and taking into account the different performance ratings required around the country, to streamline the design process further still and add even more value to clients.

Tapered Box Beam

The Tapered Box Beam is a structural framing element fabricated from steel plate, and manufactured by folding two halves and welding them together to form a box.

The beam is tapered through its length, utilising only the amount of steel required for a given design. In comparison, our competitors’ version is parallel through its length and therefore utilises more steel than is structurally required in certain parts of the building.

The system was commercially released in 2014 following a joint venture between Donovan Group and New Zealand Steel (NZS) during which the Tapered Box Beam was developed for the New Zealand and Australian structural steel/universal beam (UB) markets.

Detailed market research was conducted into the size of the UB market and the possible use of an alternative product.

Currently, the UB market in New Zealand is 50,000 tonnes per annum and Donovan Group/NZS expect to get a reasonable market share with this product in the future.

As the Tapered Box Beam is a sealed hollow section, it’s bird and vermin resistant, providing no surface for birds to roost when purlins are embedded.

The Tapered Box Beam has also been independently checked and verified by HERA (Heavy Engineering Research Association).  HERA is recognised in both New Zealand and abroad as a leading authority in the design of steel structures.

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