Donovan Group has grown its manufacturing assets over the last 15 years to include bespoke design software, a nationwide steel building franchise network and manufacturing plant.

Donovan Group Manufacturing

Donovan Group Manufacturing specialises in the processing of cold-formed steel and plate processing.


From its Whangarei manufacturing plant, Donovan Group Manufacturing produce cold-formed steel sections larger than any other New Zealand manufacturer. Donovan Group uses New Zealand Steel to supply componentry steel for all of its Coresteel network buildings, as well as most other cold-formed steel building manufacturers in New Zealand.


Coresteel is the Donovan Group’s building distribution network with 24 franchises across New Zealand.

Coresteel Logo

Coresteel is an industry leader in the construction of commercial and industrial steel buildings.
Donovan Group’s technology allows Coresteel to offer a unique design process and product to is customers, with its patented Bracketless Portal System and Tapered Box Beam technology giving Coresteel a strong competitive advantage in the building industry.

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Design Station

Design Station is bespoke engineering software that supports Donovan Group’s design capabilities.

The software has been specifically designed to support the Coresteel network and its franchisees. Design Station has the capability to designs buildings, specifically to steel building engineering standards, and then break the design down into individual components, for conversion to cut files, which are then ready for manufacture.

With New Zealand’s engineering compliance standards integrated into the software, all designs are pre-engineered, offering complete structural steel detailing and manufacturing requirements.

Design Station Purlins and Girts PDF.


Shed Fix

Shed Fix Ltd specialises in the wholesale distribution of industrial and general fastening products.


Shed Fix supply building companies across New Zealand and in addition to the fasteners, also stock a range of complimentary products, from Personal Access Doors to Universal Brace. Visit the website.

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